Join the AI revolution.

As AI and ML are transforming every industry and nearly every job, most firms lack the appropriate skills to participate in this revolution. Countless firms have tried and failed to better understand their own data or that of their industry, let alone gain any insight or predictive power from it. We consult with our clients to demystify the world of AI and ML and provide “friendly” real-world solutions that combine 35+ years of AI experience with state-of-the-art technology.


“There are 20 million organizations in the world that could benefit from machine learning, but they can’t hire people with the necessary background.”

- Jeff Dean, Head of

We focus on solutions rather than technology.

We provide configurable services and tools that realize insights based on these solutions:



Whether we’re looking for knowledge or insight deep within oceans of data or recognizing patterns of customer behavior, we work with you to develop solutions that create structure and meaning.



We leverage a combination of digital forensics and pattern recognition to create solutions ideal for everything from quality control and fraud detection to image analysis and customer classification.



Through process modeling, we empower our clients to use their data to create predictive experiences. We guide the process to create solutions that make complex decisions based on prior data.

Let’s explore the AI frontier together.

Vinur (Icelandic) = Friend (English)
Urvin = Your Friend