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Rust Engineer

Computer on Desk

For this position we are looking for a smart and motivated software engineer to join our team. You should have solid Rust experience, but not necessarily in a production environment. If you love Rust, dabble with it in your free time or for school work, and can show us non-trivial Github code we are happy. Be prepared to talk about your favourite crates and Rust features, and papercuts that you don’t like so much.

You will help us continue to build out our natural language understanding product, Urvin.Discover. Urvin.Discover is a high-performance language engine that is uniquely able to understand the ambiguity, context and nuance of unstructured data. Urvin.Discover is currently used primarily in the legal and finance industries for specialized document understanding, and document search and discovery.

Your responsibilities will primarily include (nearly entirely in Rust, with potentially some Kotlin):

  • Helping us to develop tooling and testing for the natural language engine.
  • Taking ideas from our AI R&D and implementing them with high-performance, functional Rust.
  • Helping to implement our novel data structures and algorithms in Rust.
  • Supporting our AI Services team.

We’re looking for these qualities in a new hire:

  • You love to learn
  • You are good at working independently, and don’t need (or want) to be micro-managed
  • You understand the theory behind software engineering, not just the implementation
  • You are a scientist, able to defend your views, but change them when presented with compelling evidence

We are a globally distributed, remote-first team headquartered outside of Philadelphia, PA in the US. Our team members are distributed from the east coast of the US to Germany, Spain and the UK. We have a preference for those on Central European Time. You should be able to attend (online) meetings at 5pm CET at least once a week.

Email us with your CV if you’re interested!

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